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Data is subject to complex ownership and consent aspects.

In this podcast smashHit spoke with ATB’s Ana Correia on Data consent and issues around it. In particular with Data transparency and consent. Data streams offer new opportunities to build innovative services – but their combination with other personal industrial Data is subject to complex ownership and consent aspects. The Data Economy is set to grow into 2020 and beyond, continuing to give rise to more data in turn which is set to drive innovation and increase profits, creating new challenges for the growing online digital world. Faster 5G installation services today will only accelerate this growth.

“No Data can come from their devices without consent”

The aim of smashHit is that more and more data becomes available for us all and for use throughout both the economy and society, while keeping companies and individuals who generate their data in control. Data is an essential resource for innovation, digitisation, and societal evolution.

In this podcast Ana discusses two use cases. The first one that uses data streams from vehicles and insurance industry for insurance market purposes with the partners Volkswagen and LexisNexis. And another combining data from Helsinki Traffic with Smart City Data platforms as well as Vehicle Data to build the advanced Helsinki Smart City and CPP data integration and services with the partners InfoTripla, Forum Virium and Volkswagen .